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How scrubbing  can help avoid skin problems due to clogged pores

One of the important steps of skin care is scrubbing of skin. Our skin is the largest organ of our body which helps to expel the sweat and other toxins on a daily basis. During this process of elimination, our skin,  along with sweat and other contaminations  develops a thin, dull layer of dead epidermal cells.  These lifeless cells clog the pores on the skin, thus slowing down the process of cell regeneration. It is very essential to remove this layer of dead skin to unveil the fresh and lively skin below. This can be done by the traditional process of scrubbing, which has proven to be very effective over the decades.

Scrubs are originally made of tiny granules, with some oily base that help in dispersion of granules uniformly on the skin. When massaged gently on the skin, these tiny granules disintegrate the dull skin by fragmenting the dead cells from the skin and revealing the new fresh layer bendead sea mud scrub-FacetyFirsteath. Scrubbing also opens up the  pores clogged due to pollution and dirt, allowing the skin to breathe. Exfoliated skin, absorbs the moisture more effectively to keep skin hydrated and nourished. By scrubbing skin every once a week, the skin remains dirt free and glowing, with supple and smooth texture. Over a long time, regular scrubbing reduces fine lines and wrinkles and delays the process of ageing, as it improves blood circulation.

There are different kinds of scrubs available in the market. Most popular among them is apricot and walnut scrub. Also there are numerous kitchen recipes for making home-made scrubs. These costs less and are natural and pure without any preservatives.

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Apart from the innumerable boons of nature, one of the most valuable gift nature has offered to mankind is in the form of dead sea mud. Located between Israel and Jordon, Dead Sea is also known as Sea of salt. It is abundant in minerals such as magnesium and potassium . Regular use of this mud helps to detoxify and revitalise skin.

Dead sea mud contains tiny granules rich in minerals, which cleanses and removes impurities by gently exfoliating your skin and giving radiance. Dead sea mud also has numerous healing properties related to various skin issues. It is used to treat symptoms of Psoriasis, thereby reducing pain due to inflammation. It also provides relief in Eczema by removing toxins from the skin.

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Its minerals open up clogged pores thus treating acne and pimples.  Completely natural, Dead Sea mud products from Chauth & Nagsan does not require any processing and are completely ready to use. Another advantage is that Dead Sea mud  products does not require special storage or preservative.

One must take care not to rub any scrub forcefully on the skin. This may lead to skin irritation and uneven pigmentation. It should be used gently in circular motion on face avoiding areas around the eyes. Always, a patch test must be done on a small area of skin to check for any irritation or allergies.





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