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Why is removal of dead skin important for skin care

Every woman desires for a glowing, flawless skin. To accomplish this, we use all kinds of skin care products and make up items on our face. But all our efforts are in vain, if we are not exfoliating our skin regularly.

“Beauty is skin deep”, goes the saying. Taken literally, the radiance we require on our skin will come only if skin is cleansed deeply from the pores. This is possible only through scrubbing or exfoliation.

Skin is our largest organ. It shields our body from external changes in the environment and the germs in the air. It removes the toxins in our body through sweat on a daily basis. In this process, our skin along with sweat and pollutants forms a coating , which restricts the process of skin regeneration making the skin look dull and dry. This layer along with toxins in our body lead to problems of acne and pimples. Also, as we age our skin regeneration process slows down, leaving the skin dry and pale.


An all round solution for this is exfoliation. It is an  elimination of a layer of dead skin cell with scrubs. Scrubs are tiny granules mixed with  a cream base which helps it to spread evenly on the skin. There are many kinds of scrubs available in the market, most common being walnut and apricot scrubs. There are also numerous recipes to prepare home made scrubs.

One of the best scrub provided by nature is the Dead Sea Mud. Located between Israel and Jordon, this salt lake surrounded by mountains is the lowest point on earth. Here the rate of evaporation is greater than inflow of water leading to rich concentration of minerals and salts. This abundance of 26 different minerals has given it a therapeutic property of treating many skin ailments. It has tiny granules which makes it an excellent scrub and helps remove the unwanted dead layer of skin.

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Benefits of Dead Sea mud

  • An excellent exfoliator, Dead Sea mud helps in opening up of pores of the skin, thus allowing the skin to breathe.
  • Rich in minerals and salts, it supplements the skin with required nutrients
  • It absorbs the toxins in the skin, thus preventing the problems of acne and pimples.
  • It accelerates the process of skin regeneration, thus making the skin look young and fresh.
  • It reduces fine lines and wrinkles thus slowing the ageing process.
  • It improves blood circulation, making the skin soft , supple and glowing.


  • It treats cracks and breakouts, thus reducing the pain due to inflammation
  • It helps to treat Psoriasis , Eczema, Joint pains and back aches.

One should include scrubbing in their skin care routine. People with oily skin must scrub once in 2 to 3 days while dry and combination skin should scrub at least once a week. Use a scrub which suits your skin. Do not  be harsh in rubbing the scrub as this may redden and damage the skin. Always do a patch test of the scrub to check for any allergies or skin irritation. Dead sea mud scrub offered by Chauth & Nagsan provide the benefits of essential minerals found in dead sea mud. 

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