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Dead Sea Mud - Facewash599.00    D84Ttq9HdnEisUD3kxssAeSNmRQcxzDdNz649.00 Dead Sea Mud mask - facety First699.00  

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About Chauth And Nagsan:

Chauth And Nagsan  is India’s top dead sea mud infused skin care brand. Dead sea mud has amazing effects on the skin that benefits the layers of skin and fighting skin related problems. It has magical results on skin as anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties. This actually makes your skin firm and healthy. You can grab all the products of Chauth And Nagsan here at Facety First!

We are not just another beauty product. Here our user is not another customer. We celebrate the confidence and uphold the inner beauty as a real epitome. We understand that the fairness and skin tone shade cards are too shallow corporations which encircles insecurity towards the unsuspecting masses. We target confidence not color. 

Chauth And Nagsan - Branded Cosmetics

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Dead Sea Mud Mask - Chauth And Nagsan