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Dead Sea Mud Scrub - Chauth And Nagsan Review

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The Chauth and Nagsan Dead Sea Mud Scrub with Dead Sea Mud Mask Combo is a perfect clean up for you. The weekly use of mask and scrub tones your skin, hydrates it and, refreshes and uplift your mood. It is a perfect combo for your fight against ageing.

It makes the skin free from harmful dead skin cells and minimizes the pores to make skin toxins free. This combo reduces the inflammation as well.

Shea butter in both Mask and Scrub not just moisturizes your skin but brings extra shine to it. Cellulites are removed after its continued use.

The best way to use this combo is to wash your face with scrub before applying mask

This Combo is for those who travel a lot and are unable to use Chauth and Nagsan Dead Sea Mud Face wash daily.



An out of the world experience with Geeli Mitti smell will make you irresistible to it.

Instant and Visible Results.

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